Project Description

This research addresses fundamental and crucial knowledge gaps of oligotrophic isoetid (3110) and acid oligotrophic (3160) lake habitats.

Identifying Pressures

The ecological conservation status of protected 3110 lakes is bad and inadequate for 3160 lakes. However these ecological assessments are currently based on surrogate water quality data, collected under Annex VI (Protected Habitats) of the EU WFD, may not provide sufficient protection to these protected freshwater habitats or indicate their true conservation status

Coupled with limited baseline data on their distribution, characterisation, environmental drivers, threats etc; limited information on structure and function; delays in specifying indicators and targets; and no measures listed for implementation under the RBMP makes it difficult to ensure their long term management and protection.

Informing Policy

  • EU Habitats Directive
  • EU Water Framework Directive
  • River Basin Management Plans (2022-2027)

  • National Peatland Strategy
  • National Biodiversity Action Plan

  • EPA Priority Research Areas

Developing Solutions

This project will provide scientific support for characterising the physcial, chemical and biological variation in 3110 and 3160 lake habitats, providing recommendations on a conservation assessment framework for these lakes and conservation measures which will ensure the long term achievement of favourable conservation status. In addition to engaging local communities through citizen science initiatives